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Win Friends

"Your information was timely and well received."

- Beth Mays, RN, Health Services Coordinator at Anne Arundel Community College  


"Hi Lisa, how are you?"

"Great, Margaret - how about yourself?"

"Oh, I'm all right. Hey, Emily, Roberta and I are going into the city on Saturday. We'll probably go for an early dinner and then see the latest run movie. After that we may go clubbing. Want to join us?"

"Hey, that sounds great! I have to work late Friday night, so could we meet up at 2 o'clock Saturday?"

"No problem, Lisa - I'll do the driving, so everybody'll be at my house. See you then!"

"Great - talk to you later, Margaret!"



"Hey Bill, how's it going?"

"All right, I guess. John, could I ask your advice on something?"

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"Well, I'm trying to figure out what courses to take next semester. I've got several of them decided on - History of Steel Wool, Principles of Macroeconomics, Biology II and Literary Analysis of Uptown Graffiti. For my fifth course, I'm trying to decide between Modern Religious Movements and Spanish II."

"Tough choice. I know you like reading about religion. You think you'd like to take that course?"

"Well, kinda. I do know that Professor Mechverchtechlieber isn't too strict."

"Yeah, with the job market the way it is these days you don't want to risk your GPA if you don't have to. What about Spanish?"

"Well, that one's gonna be pretty tough. I'm thinking about whether I'm ready for it."

"Good point. I think you said you want to work in New York City when you graduate?"

"Yeah, there's lots to do there."

"Indeed. And in New York there's lots of Spanish-speaking people. It helps to be able to talk to them in their own language."

"You got it. And I might get sent south of the border, if I get the kind of job I want. Then if I speak Spanish fluently it'll really come in handy."

"Excellent idea. With Spanish you have to practice, practice, practice. Religion you can get from a book - and I know you love to read."

"You know, John, you've got a point. I like religion more, but it doesn't pay the bills. If I take the Spanish course, I'll be more marketable, and I can read religion books anytime. I think I know what I want to do now. Thanks!"

"You're welcome, Bill. Anytime!"

 Friends make your life a lot happier. You can have more and better friends too. I can help you learn:



  • How to tell who's a good friend and who just wants to take advantage of you


  • How to tell whether someone wants to be your friend or is just being polite


  • How to help someone want to be your friend


  • What you should and shouldn't expect from friends - and vice versa


  • How conflicts can arise...and how to resolve them and keep the friendship


  • And much more!


Let's see what we can do.


Last updated: January 3, 2016





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