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About Dr. Jeffrey Deutsch


"A good friend of mine, who had positive experiences with life coaches, suggested I might benefit from talking to someone familiar with the challenges of Asperger's Syndrome. Though not formally diagnosed as an Aspie, I score highly on autism spectrum tests, and possess many typical traits. Although my recent struggles can be characterized as a single issue, it is potentially life-altering, so I signed up for the eight week, Life Redirection Coaching Package.

"I highly recommend the full coaching package. After overcoming my initial shyness, and learning how to best communicate with Jeff, we engaged in a deeper, more meaningful dialogue during the final few weeks. Jeff worked hard on my case, and showed compassion about my problems. He diligently followed up our sessions with detailed thoughts. As the coaching sessions evolved, the discussion expanded from a single interpersonal issue into a broader commentary about developing productive relationships in all aspects of life. At this early stage of incorporating Jeff's coaching, the results are positive and unexpected. Although I don't faithfully comply to every offered suggestion, I am having some of my happiest days in years, and feel more in control of my destiny."

- John Kirk, client, Portland, OR 

While some speakers, trainers and life coaches have taken courses about AS, Dr. Deutsch has gone through Home-based Experiential Lifelong Learning (HELL)! He's an Aspie - an experience no amount of training can duplicate.

When he grew up, people knew little and cared less about AS. He had to struggle to understand how the NT (neurotypical) world works, and to learn how to find and then keep friends, jobs and other relationships.

His coaching philosophy is empowering. He helps his clients understand what is going on around them and why, shows what actions would most likely produce what kind of results and then supports their informed decisions. He emphasizes these principles to his clients:


  • If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you have been getting.

  • If it were easy, everyone - including you - would already be doing it.

  • Life is a series of trade-offs. You always have to accept some things that you don't like in order to get other things that you do.

  • The best plans in the world will only work if you do.

  • You can only get what you want by doing and saying things that others consider to be good - by their standards, even if they're not the same as yours. 


Dr. Deutsch currently teaches Transition to Adulthood, a social skills course for learning disabled individuals, at Northern Virginia Community College in conjunction with Support & Training Resources for Independence & Vocational Education (or STRIVE for short). 

His discussion with international business culture expert Erin Meyer, on how creative communication norms affect Aspies, was quoted in the Harvard Business Review (December 2015, p. 20).

His work has been profiled, along with Temple Grandin's, on AOL Jobs (which made AOL's front page) and in Forbes. He previously wrote a regular column, Building Bridges, at Autism After 16.

Also see his thoughts in:




He has presented his work at: 



He has also spoken on the Michigan Business Network's "Michigan in Motion" and contributed to Neil Haley's nationally syndicated Total Education Show on multiple occasions, not to mention given his own Internet radio commentaries.

Most recently, he has spoken on the popular business radio show Experience Pros (his interview comes just before the end of this segment).


Also, he is a certified Job Coach with Montgomery County, Maryland's Customized Employment Public Intern Project


He sits on the Advisory Board of Madison House Autism Foundation, and also is active in Toastmasters International and Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network. As a Toastmaster, he has served as a Division Education Chair, Assistant Area Governor and Club Secretary and Club Treasurer, and earned the rank of Competent Communicator. Also, he now serves as Secretary of Bucknell Elementary School's Parent Teacher Association.

He has taught from first grade through graduate level, from Special Education through Honors and Advanced Placement, for Anne Arundel County Public Schools, George Mason University, Keiser University, International College at Beijing, South University, Nova Southeastern University and Chadron State College.


He did his undergraduate work at American University and then Cornell University (from which he graduated). He then did his graduate work at George Mason University, where among other things he met his NT wife Emily, and hence earned his MR (Married and Respectable)!


Last updated: January 4, 2016 


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